What is Cushing Memorial Library?

Cushing Memorial Library was the first free-standing library on campus, and was built in 1930. It now houses Special Collections and the A&M Archives. We have numerous research collections, including the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection, Literary Manuscripts, Military History, Africana and Hispanic Studies, Texana, and much more. For more information, please visit our website at http://cushing.library.tamu.edu/.

Where is Cushing Library located on campus? 

We are located behind Evans Library and the Annex, directly across from the back of the Academic Building.

Do I need to get permission to visit Cushing Library?

No, you can visit us anytime during our posted hours. It is wise to call ahead in advance and let us know you are coming: that way we can have all the material you want to look at pulled and waiting for you. Our phone number is 979-845-1951. Please remember to bring photo ID.

Can I borrow books from Cushing Library?

No. Cushing material does not circulate. You may feel free to visit the Cushing Library during posted hours. If you are unable to visit, some material may be reproduced and mailed to you for a fee.

Can I have copies of A&M Football Games?

The TAMU Archives has a selection of noncopyritten football films that we can reproduce for a fee. DVD copies are available for $10. Please contact Kevin O'Sullivan at kmosullivan@library.tamu.edu to receive an electronic catalog of films available.

Can I have copies of other material located in Cushing Library? Are there any fees?

Requests will be assessed on an individual basis. Because of the unique nature of the material in our collections, Cushing Library reserves the right to refuse duplication requests that would potentially damage old and fragile material. In addition, due to copyright issues, the complete contents of books or journals cannot be reproduced. Reproductions may be provided from select pages of books, manuscripts and original photographs. Photocopy requests require a minimum 24 hour turnaround. Scan and video orders to take from 5 to 7 business days.

Duplication Fees:

Microtext/Microfilm copies    25¢ per page

    Hi-resolution photograph or image $6.00  Low-resolution PDF (if possible) No charge

    DVD    $10.00

I have a [grandparent/parent/other friend or relative] who also went to Texas A&M! Do you have a picture of them while they were here?

Possibly. The A&M Archives has a complete set of the school’s yearbooks. However, not all students have their pictures taken to go in the yearbook, so the person may or may not be there. We also have various collections of A&M-related photographs that are sorted by associations. If you want to track down a person, the more information you can bring with you—years, student memberships—the better off you will be!

Can I study in Cushing Library?

Yes, but you have to follow the same guidelines as regular patrons, i.e.: bring photo ID, and no pens, highlighters, food or drink may be brought in.

What do I need to bring with me in order to use the materials in Cushing Library? 

A photo ID. Yellow paper and pencils will be provided for notetaking purposes. You may bring your laptop. All bags and other material must be left in a locker on the first floor. Lockers are free of charge.

My professor sent me to Cushing Library for [Project XYZ]. Where is that?

Sometimes professors set up material for their classes to use ahead of time. Cushing is a closed stacks library, which means that staff will pull the materials for you. Patrons are not allowed into the stacks.

If you have an instruction sheet provided by your professor it might be useful to bring that with you to insure that we bring you the correct material.

May I use material from Cushing Library for a publication?

Permission to publish any part of the materials must be obtained in writing prior to publication and the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives shall be given credit for any materials used. Cushing Memorial Library and Archives holds property rights to all its collections, but holds copyrights to only a few, with some being in the public domain.  It is the licensee’s responsibility to secure permission from the copyright holders for publication of any materials for which Cushing holds no copyright.  The patron agrees to hold Cushing Memorial Library and Archives and Texas A & M University harmless from any and all liability and agrees to indemnify the same from any and all damages, costs and other expenses arising out of the Licensee’s use of material, including expenses resulting from suits for infringement of copyrights and any judgments against the licensor.   If you are in doubt, please contact us for assistance.

I would like a tour of Cushing Library. Is that possible?

Yes. Please contact Kevin O'Sullivan at kmosullivan@library.tamu.edu or 979-845-1951 to make arrangements. Please provide an estimate of the number of people who would be in the tour group and specify if you would like a special topic covered—e.g. A&M History, Rare Books, etc. Tours will visit the public spaces in the library, including the Thomas-Mayo Room, the Wendler Exhibit Gallery, and the Reading Room. The general public is not allowed into the stacks but specific material may be pulled ahead of time to be viewed by the group.

Is it possible to hold books for me?

Yes.  If you are in the midst of using materials, for research or for pleasure, simply let someone on the staff know, and we can hold all materials for you at the Reading Room desk, rather than reshelving it at the end of the day.  Now, if you leave and are gone for a month with no notice, don't come back expecting your materials to still be there.  However, if you let someone know it will be a couple of weeks before your next visit, there's no trouble keeping it for you.
Do you have the history of the Corp’s [XYZ] Company? Depends.  If we've been given meeting notes or other pieces of information from the Company itself then yes, we would have a file on your specific Cadet Company, and its members in the past.  If not, we don't know anymore about it than you do.  Save for a small number of Companies, such as A-1, we do not have a file of documented history on most of the companies and squadrons in the Corps. of Cadets.

Do you have anything on A&M traditions?

Yes. We have several books and subject files on numerous A&M traditions, such as Silver Taps, Reveille, and more.

What is the oldest book in Cushing Memorial Library?

Our oldest items are arguably technically books, though they are the earliest known examples of writing. We have a Sumerian clay tablet and a clay cone from Babylon, both dated around 4,000 years old.