Reading Room Policy

To ensure the security and preservation of collections materials, patrons are asked to comply with our Reading Room policies, outlined below.

  1. All patrons must sign in and complete a registration form prior to using our materials.
  2. Materials are available for use only in the Kelsey Reading Room.
  3. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in Cushing Library or Reading Room. Please finish and dispose of all food and drink outside of the building.
  4. Only pencils may be used in the Reading Room. The use of ink and ballpoint pens is not permitted in the Reading Room. For convenience, pencils are available at the Reference Desk.
  5. Researchers are asked to take written notes solely on the colored paper provided by the Reading Room Staff. Outside notebooks may be used by Studiers who are not using Cushing Library materials.
  6. Studiers with outside books (ex. textbooks, workbooks, reading books, etc.) must place a PATRON MATERIAL flag within each book brought to the Kelsey Reading Room. These are available at the desk by the sign-in sheet. Upon leaving, please return the flags to the Reading Room desk.
  7. Researchers must exercise extreme care while using all materials. Placing paper on top of materials to sketch, trace, or otherwise write thereon is strictly prohibited. If at any time, you have questions or concerns about the proper way to handle any book(s) and/or material(s), please see staff at the Reference Desk.
  8. Patrons are allowed up to three items at a given time. Occasional exceptions to this rule may be made at the discretion of Reading Room Staff.
  9. Please keep all material in its original order; see Reading Room Staff on how to denote material you wish to have scanned/copied. If in the course of your research a filing error is detected, please inform the Staff at the Reference Desk.
  10. Scanning and photocopying may be possible depending on the condition of the materials and/or any rights restrictions that may apply. There is a minimum of 3-full-working-days turnaround time on all such requests. The decision to permit or prohibit reproduction of any material is at the sole discretion of Cushing Library. This decision is final. Please consult the Reading Room Staff for more information.
  11. The Reading Room computers are for University Libraries online catalogue searches and research only. Personal laptops are permitted in the Reading Room.
  12. Cell phone usage is not permitted in the Reading Room. Please take/make phone calls outside of the Reading Room, so as not to disturb other patrons.
  13. The Reading Room closes promptly at 5:45 PM Monday – Friday. Researchers must return all borrowed materials 15 minutes prior to closing.
  14. Permission to publish any part of these materials must be obtained in writing prior to publication and the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives shall be given credit for any materials used.

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