Message from the Director

At Cushing Memorial Library and Archives we house fascinating collections and we are proud to serve a diverse community of users, both within and outside Texas A&M University. Cushing Library is open to all and we engage with patrons and visitors from all over the world. At Cushing Library you can conduct in-depth research, study in our welcoming Reading Room, view unique artifacts, take a tour of our exhibitions and beautiful spaces, attend a lecture, teach a class/attend a class, become a student intern, and learn how to print on a historically-accurate replica of an English common printing press, through our hands-on Book History Workshop. Our collecting areas encompass a very wide range of subjects and time periods, and you will find William Shakespeare, Elvis Presley and George R.R. Martin under the same roof! Our Reading Room Staff and our Collection Curators can help on site or provide copies in digital form; because of the rare nature of our holdings, it is not possible to borrow materials.

We love to create exhibitions and to collaborate with other national and international institutions, including a collaboration with the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium (From Texas to Bastogne: Texas Aggies Go to War exhibition, 2014-2016). Cushing Library is a founding member of the Primeros Libros de Las Americas project (; external site) and actively contributes to its scholarship. We also collaborate on a number of other activities with student groups, other departments and local cultural institutions.

Cushing Library also offers research fellowships. With the College of Liberal Arts, we are proud to sponsor the Don Kelly Research Fellowship. For more information, please click here.

Organizationally, Cushing Library has oversight over the Maps & GIS unit (physically located in Evans Library) and the University Records Management unit (located on Agronomy Road).

We are lucky to work in such an interesting and lively environment, and we look forward to seeing you in Cushing Library!