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First Floor

Game of Thrones Replica Weapons

Game of Thrones sword

View some of the Game of Thrones replica weapons, from the George R. R. Martin Collection.

For more information about this display or the George R. R. Martin Collection, please contact Jeremy Brett at

Fairy Tales and Their Adaptations

Telling stories is a basic human instinct. This small exhibition on Fairy Tales and their Adaptations features books from several Cushing Library collections.

Second Floor

The Eternal Passion: Nicholas A. Basbanes and the Making of A Gentle Madness

Nicholas A. Basbanes. Photo by Edd Cote.

Nicholas A. Basbanes. Photo by Edd Cote.

The Texas A&M University Libraries are pleased to announce the exhibition: “The Eternal Passion: Nicholas A. Basbanes and the Making of A Gentle Madness.” The exhibition runs from August 10th through November 30th at Cushing Memorial Library and Archives (second floor). Nicholas A. Basbanes is an award-winning investigative journalist, columnist and author of 10 books, including Cross of Snow: A Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Knopf, 2020) which will be released in June. Basbanes’s extensive archives and professional library were acquired by Texas A&M University in 2015. Basbanes’s first book, A Gentle Madness, is a genre-defining work about the culture of book collecting. Since 1995, it has captured readers’ imaginations with chronicles of the well-known bibliophiles and bibliomanes of history. “The characters who populate this book are almost larger-than-life,” Libraries Curator Kevin O’Sullivan said. “Their adventures in book collecting are at times astounding, heartbreaking, or just stranger than fiction.”

The exhibition showcases manuscripts, correspondence, artifacts and books to tell the story of the authorship and publication of A Gentle Madness. “As a whole, A Gentle Madness is an enchanting book about books,” O’Sullivan said. “But the tale of how it was researched and written - the labor of love that produced this work we now know so well - is just as compelling.”

For more information about this exhibition or the Nicholas A. Basbanes Collection, please contact Kevin O’Sullivan at