Kelsey Reading Room Policy

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19):
  • The Kelsey Reading Room is available by appointment to use Cushing collections and for use as a quiet study space.
  • Texas A&M requires that face masks be worn by all individuals in campus spaces. All exemptions must be approved prior to entering the library. For more information, see this Face Cover FAQ.
  • Exceptions are being made: Bring all your personal belongings (including water in a secure container) to the Kelsey Reading Room and placed in the plastic bin as instructed.

To ensure the security and preservation of collections materials:

  1. Registration: Register in the Cushing Online Request System (Aeon) prior to using the Kelsey Reading Room, and requesting materials and duplication.
  2. Belongings: Store personal belongings in a locker. Staff at the front desk will provide access.

    You are welcome to bring the following to the Kelsey Reading Room:
    • no. 2 pencils
    • laptop, tablets, or mobile phones
    • small camera
    • reference books (identified during sign-in)

    Do not bring the following to the Kelsey Reading Room:
    • food and drink
    • writing utensils other than pencil, including pens, highlighters, or markers
    • tripods, additional lenses, scanners (flatbed or hand), or other photographic/scanning equipment
    • cutting tools
  3. Identification: Present photo-identification at the Kelsey Reading Room staff desk.
  4. Handling: Handle all special collections material with care, and follow all instructions given by Cushing Public Services staff.
    • Wash hands with soap and water prior to using materials.
    • Public Services staff will provide instruction on proper handling, including use of supports and number of items able to be used at once.
    • Materials are to be used in the Kelsey Reading Room.
  5. Sound: Silence all electronic devices. This includes cell phones, laptops, tablets, and cameras.
  6. Flash: You may take photographs (without flash) of materials for personal use. Ask Public Services staff about taking photographs and other scanning options.
  7. Computers: Kelsey Reading Room Computers are for collections-related searches and research.
If you have questions about this policy, contact Cushing Public Services prior to your visit.