Kelsey Reading Room Policy

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19): The following items, which are typically prohibited, will be allowed:
  • All personal belongings must be brought up to the Kelsey Reading Room and placed in the plastic bin as instructed.
  • Any materials that do not fit in the bins (like large umbrellas) will be placed on the floor next to the bin.
  • Water in a secure container, which must be kept in the plastic bin.

To ensure the security and preservation of collections materials, patrons must comply with the following:

Registration & Identification

All patrons must register in Aeon prior to using our materials, making an appointment in the Kelsey Reading Room, or requesting duplication. Upon entering the Kelsey Reading Room (second floor of Cushing Memorial Library and Archives), all patrons will present photo-identification to sign in at the staff desk.

What to Bring to the Kelsey Reading RoomYou are allowed:
  • no. 2 pencils
  • laptop or tablet computers or mobile phones
  • small camera (for personal use only)
  • reference books (these will be identified during your sign-in process)
These items are prohibited:
  • food and drink
  • pens, highlighters, markers, or any other writing utensils other than pencil
  • tripods, additional lenses, or other photographic equipment, including flatbed or hand scanners
  • cutting tools

If you are unsure about an item, contact Cushing Public Services prior to your visit.

How to Use Materials

Materials are available for use only in the Kelsey Reading Room. To help preserve our collections, we ask that you arrive with clean hands, handle all special collections material with care, and follow all instructions given by Cushing Public Services staff. Public Services staff will provide instruction on the proper handling of special collections materials, including use of supports and number of items able to be used at once.

  • No flash photography is permitted. Ask Public Services staff before taking photographs and about other scanning options. You may take photographs (without flash) of materials for personal use.
  • Cell phone conversations are prohibited. Cell phones and devices should be set to silent mode.
  • There are computers in the Kelsey Reading Room for collections-related searches and research.