Duplication Policy

Duplication Services

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives staff facilitates research and makes resources accessible for patron use. Requests for duplication are considered on a case-by-case basis. Our ability to fulfill your request may depend on a variety of factors, including the condition of the material, copyright, or donor restriction.

Duplication Order Process

All orders must be placed in Aeon.

  1. Select the material you would like duplicated.
  2. Complete and submit the duplication request form for each item.  
  3. Public Services staff will confirm receipt of your request via email. 
  4. Public Services staff will assess the material and email you a publication acknowledgement form.
  5. Public Services staff will email you when your request is complete, with instructions on how to download files.

Duplication Timeline for Requests

All orders are processed in the order in which they are received.

If you have a specific deadline, please communicate it to Public Services staff when placing your request.

Any additional material must be made as a new request in Aeon. Your new request will not be processed until your current request has been completed.

Duplication Limitations

The number of scans requested is limited to 100 units per semester for non-Audio/Visual (A/V) material, and ten hours units per semester for A/V material.  

The following are guidelines for what constitutes one unit depending on the format of the original material:


Bound Material*

1 page (1-sided)

Flat Material**

1 page (1-sided)


1 photograph sheet (1-sided)

Audio/Visual Material

1 hour of digitization


All reproduction orders are limited to a maximum of 10% of the material per patron and must also comply with the limit of materials per term.

 *This includes books and any other two-dimensional material that is bound.

**This includes archival material, maps, prints, and any other two-dimensional material that is not bound.

***The duplication of A/V materials is contingent upon the approval of the collection curator.


Duplication Format and Sizes

Text/Fixed/Still Materials

Document Type Resolution (PPI)

Bit Depth & Color Mode

File Format

Flat documents or bound books*

300 or 600

8-bit grayscale;

24-bit RGB (color)

.pdf (PDF), .tif (TIF), .jpg (JPEG), .png (PNG)

35mm Slides; Negatives

300 or 600 

8-bit, grayscale;

24-bit, sRGB

.pdf (PDF), .tif (TIF), .jpg (JPEG), .png (PNG)


300 or 600

8-bit, grayscale

.pdf (PDF), .tif (TIF), .jpg (JPEG), .png (PNG)

Includes High-contrast text, carbon copies, maps, handwritten materials, photographs, etc.

Audio/Visual Materials

Document Type File Format





Every effort will be made to accurately represent the source material. Please keep in mind that the quality of duplicated image and recordings is limited by the quality of the original material.

Born Digital Materials

Any requests for duplication of born digital text/image files will be delivered in their original format.

Duplication Delivery

Digital files will be delivered through your Aeon account. You will receive instructions for downloading via email when your duplication request is complete.

Larger files (typically A/V material) may be shared with you via Google Drive. Note that you will need a Google-affiliated email address in order to view these files (you can make an account for free at http://www.gmail.com).

Patrons are responsible for downloading material before the specified expiration date. If you have issues receiving your scans, please notify Public Services staff (CushingReference@library.tamu.edu) immediately. If you request the same material after the expiration date, it will be considered a new request.

Copyright Notice

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives provides reproductions for research use only and these reproductions may not be transferred, published, or exhibited. Any use of Cushing Memorial Library and Archives' material should comply with United States Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code). It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure any necessary permission from the appropriate copyright holder to quote, publish, or reproduce items from Cushing Memorial Library and Archives collections, and to acknowledge in print that the materials are used or published with permission of Cushing Memorial Library and Archives. The Cushing Memorial Library and Archives assumes no responsibility for copyright violations or for any other legal issues resulting from the use or publication of special collections or archival materials. 

Researchers must make a written request to Cushing Memorial Library and Archives for permission to publish any materials from its special collections. Texas A&M University may be the copyright owner for some of these materials. If this is the case, the patron must contact Texas A&M University’s Division of Marketing & Communications (https://marcom.tamu.edu) for permission to publish. 

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives reserves the right to refuse to accept a duplication request if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law. 

Publication of any Cushing Memorial Library and Archives material(s) can take place only under the provisions of the fair-use doctrine of the U.S. Copyright Law or by obtaining permission from the copyright holder, which in many cases may not be the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives and/or Texas A&M University. The patron will defend and hold harmless the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives and the Texas A&M University System, its Board of Regents, its officers, employees and agents against all claims, demands, costs and expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees incurred by copyright infringement, or any other legal and regulatory course of action arising from use of any material obtained from Cushing Memorial Library and Archives. 

Publication Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement must be given to Cushing Memorial Library and Archives for the use of the library’s materials, including but not limited to academic articles, popular press, reproducing images on blogs or social media, film, and broadcasts. 

All Cushing Memorial Library and Archives material(s) used must be credited or cited as follows: 

“[Item], [Collection], [Subject Area], Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M University."

If you are unsure of the material’s collection or subject area, Cushing Public Services (CushingReference@library.tamu.edu) can assist you.

For more information on publishing with Cushing Memorial Library and Archives materials, you can review visit our online FAQ at https://askus.library.tamu.edu/cushing/faq/320355?m=p.