Duplication Policy

Duplication of material may be possible depending on the condition of the materials and/or any rights restrictions that may apply. There is a minimum of 3 business days for all requests. While we strive to complete your duplication requests as efficiently as possible, please be advised: depending on the duplication queue, the availability of materials, and the condition of materials, fulfillment of duplication requests may take longer. The decision to permit or prohibit duplication of any material is at the sole discretion of the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives.

The following table suggests guidelines for the amount of time to fulfill duplication requests:

Number of Pages Requested

Within One Month

Length of Time to Fulfill Request, If:

Material is in Good Condition

Material is Fragile/Oversized

0 - 10 items

Up to 3 Business Days

Up to 5 Business Days

10 - 20 items

Up to 7 Business Days

Up to 9 Business Days

20 - 40 items

Up to 14 Calendar Days

Up to 18 Calendar Days

40 - 100 items

Up to 21 Calendar Days

Up to 28 Calendar Days

100+ items

30+ Calendar Days

Over 40 Calendar Days