Records Retention Schedule

The 2018 Certified TAMUS Retention Schedule in a printable pdf format is located at: 
Please use only the 2018 retention schedule. 

An index to the schedule or an alphabetical listing of the records series is available.

What is a retention schedule?

A retention schedule is a listing of records found in the workplace, along with their agreed retention periods and disposition methods. The Records Retention Schedule is designed to meet the requirements of the following:

  • Federal statutes, laws, regulations, and legal decisions
  • State records management laws - 441.180 Preservation and Management of State Records and Other Historical Resources - Please see State Agency Bulletin #3, Records Retention Scheduling Rules for a complete copy of this law
  • Texas A&M University System Regulations and Policies
  • Texas A&M University Standard Administrative Procedures and Rules
  • University Administration
  • University colleges, departments, and centers
  • Stakeholders of the University – faculty, staff, students, investors, donors, etc.

The Retention Schedule used by the University is a listing of records and records series commonly found in the workplace and the minimum length of time these items must be retained in order to comply with state or federal laws, statutes, judicial rulings, TAMU System rules, or recognized industry practice.

The Retention Schedule for Texas A&M University System is certified by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Changes or additions to the basic schedule are recommended by the departments and individuals who use the records on a daily basis. The schedule is divided into seven sections: Administrative Records, Automation Records, Employment Records, Fiscal Records, Support Services Records, Student Records, and Agency Program Records.

Using the Records Retention Schedule

 If you have a question about the retention schedule, if you think the retention period for records that you use in your office is either too long or too short, or if you can't find a record on the schedule, contact University Records Management at 458-1470 for assistance. We will be happy to work with you to resolve your concerns.

Most records aren't kept forever. Normally only 3-5% of a department's records have archival or historical value. When a record is created, it goes through a life cycle of active business use, infrequent use, inactive storage, and disposition. The key is to make records management part of an on-going process so that records are stored and destroyed according to the retention schedule on a routine basis - not when you run out of space or when Joe retires, but rather on a quarterly,  semi-annual or annual basis. During the course of business, many drafts and copies of documents are created as part of the work process. These should be destroyed as soon as they are no longer needed.

If you become aware of a reason to temporarily suspend the destruction of records due to possible, pending, or on-going litigation, investigation, or audit, please contact the records management staff.

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