The Holidays at Cushing

By Leslie J. Winter and Vaprrenon Severs | 12-08-2020

Alt text: Humorous cartoon by Leslie J. Winter, entitled “The Holidays at Cushing.” The black and white line-drawing shows an archival box on a table, with the words “Acid Free” across the front. Two people are standing by the table. One person, holding a festive bow, exclaims “Just what I wanted: an archival box! How did you know?!?!” Another person is standing nearby and replies, “I just had a feeling...”
“The Holidays at Cushing.” Cartoon by Leslie J. Winter, 2020. Copyright by Leslie J. Winter. The Cushing Memorial Library and Archives/Texas A&M University Libraries have the right to display, distribute, and reproduce the image, in perpetuity.



It is not uncommon to receive boxes during the holiday season. Granted, most people are more concerned with what is in the box rather than the box itself, but most people do not have to worry about how to safely house special and rare collections!

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives is home to many collection materials, which are often kept in special acid-free archival boxes. We are committed to preserving our collections for generations to come, and proper housing is key to keeping the materials in pristine condition. Sturdy and properly labeled boxes help us organize and protect our collection materials for our patrons and, while the contents of these boxes are what really matter, proper storage is crucial to their longevity.

While our collection materials come to life in ways that an image of a box only hints at, this cartoon humorously characterizes the joy that all of us in Cushing experience when finding the perfect archival box, just when we need it... Sometimes it is the little things in life that can bring the most joy. Happy Holidays from the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives Public Services Team!

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Vappy Severs

Vaprrenon “Vappy” Severs is a Library Specialist III and part of Public Services at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives. He assists patrons in their research and coordinates with collection curators to fulfill reference requests. He holds a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Science from Texas A&M University.

Leslie Winter

Leslie J. Winter, MA, MLS, is the Public Services Coordinator at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M University. In her role, she facilitates reference and access services to all patrons. She holds degrees in Studio Art and Art History.